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Injury Prevention Strategies For The 9 to 5 RunnerInjury Prevention Strategies For The 9 to 5 Runner
By Coach Peyton Hoyal
Unlike the pros who have all day to train and rest between sessions, most people work full time in some capacity or another. Many runners . . . Keep reading

6 Reasons Everyone Should Be A Runner6 Reasons Everyone Should Be A Runner
When Kathrine Switzer left for a road trip to Massachusetts, she was pursuing a dream. At the time women were not allowed to run 26.2 miles. But she loved to run . . . Keep reading

Five Common Nutrition Myths among RunnersFive Common Nutrition Myths among Runners
By Coach Peyton Hoyal
As a runner, there are several physical traits that represent your lifestyle - a lean body, good muscle tone, and overall well-being but nutrition . . . Keep reading

Running - An Indispensable Tool For Weight LossRunning - An Indispensable Tool For Weight Loss
By Randy Leigh
It seems as though people are quickly forgetting the basics of what constitutes an effective program for weight loss. The recent trend is 'The fancier the gadget, the more effective it is'. No wonder giant corporations have . . . Keep reading

Running Down Memory Lane - Running & Diversity!Running Down Memory Lane - Running & Diversity!
Running is the most primitive and ancient form of movement known to man. Ever since man learned to stand up straight, he started to wonder what it would be like to . . . Keep reading

Get to Know Your Feet to Choose the Right Running ShoesGet to Know Your Feet to Choose the Right Running Shoes
By Coach Evan Jensen
Not long before legendary runner Steve Prefontaine showed up to run for the University of Oregon, head track Coach Bill Bowerman was trying to design a better shoe. He stripped down the . . . Keep reading

Best Breakfast Foods For RunnersBest Breakfast Foods For Runners
By Coach Evan Jensen
Get in the zone on a great run, and you can almost feel the endorphins in your brain firing while your body moves in motion. What's the energy source fueling your body's . . . Keep reading

Perfect your Running Form to run Faster, longer & HealthierPerfect your Running Form to run Faster, longer & Healthier
By Coach Peyton Hoyal
Watching the last few miles of a world-class marathon or the final lap of an Olympic-caliber track event, what do the best runners in the world . . . Keep reading




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