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No matter how high or low your mileage, running expends an enormous amount of energy. To perform your best, you need to be properly fueled and hydrated. Unfortunately, there are thousands of differing opinions and scenarios available when considering proper nutrition for runners.

But there's one fact that's true: nutrition will influence every facet of your run and post-run recovery. If you're eating right and hydrating well, you'll feel energized, flexible, and strong. You'll be able to keep your leg muscles firing at full-force run after run and quickly bounce back from even the most grueling races.

On the other hand, poor nutrition can put you on the sidelines in a hurry. Dehydration can bog down your performance and put you at risk for heat-related injuries. Poor nutrition will zap your energy and make that 3-mile run feel like a marathon.

Beware: Amidst all of the nutrition advice available to runners, there is plenty of fluff. However, there are credible institutions who are continually putting out proper nutrition guidelines for runners. That's the information we'll provide to you. We'll show you the research where applicable and give you the easy-to-read tips you need in order to fuel your body for optimum performance and recovery.

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Race Day Nutrition for Half-Marathon Runners
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Making Sense of the Gluten-Free Diet for Runners
Alison Zeller
Making Sense of the Gluten-Free Diet for Runners Running demands a lot from your body. The bones, joints, and muscles that power you through each mile take a pounding during long-distance running. Not surprisingly, your diet . . . Keep reading
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