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Running is your best online resource for genuine, detailed and well-researched information about distance running.

Why should you make this site your best friend?

You'll discover that we have a much more diverse library of important pointers related to distance running. You get instant access to informative videos about running workouts, invaluable information about running nutrition and lifestyle, downloadable training plans, running shoe & gear reviews, links to find local running coaches, private members only forums, runner profiles, blogs, members only image gallery and much more!

You'll save time, money, and effort, PLUS you'll enjoy the positive community of like-minded people, guaranteed!

Our RunningCoaching Website is That Place!

Why would you want to be engaged with this website?

Our team is constantly uncovering new running resources that we can provide for free! As you'll soon see, most of the training techniques we provide are not being practiced by most ardent running coaches or being used by many runners.

Experience has shown that it is essential to have a trusted training resource to fast track and enhance your running. Our Strategies will help you stay injury free and enjoy running for good. Running will give you instant 24/7 access to high quality running data that will explain what you can do to improve your form and perform at your best with details about the exact steps you need to take. It removes any guesswork from the sport of running.

What Can This Site Can Do For You?

Running covers every aspect of motivation and improvement for running, from demonstrating correct techniques, to nutrition, fitness, psychology and equipment.

Take advantage of what Running offers today!

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Here's what our members are saying ...
"Running Coaching has inspired me to be a better runner and a healthier person. I am so happy."

"It is exactly what I needed."
Ethel C.
North Brunswick, NJ

"Running Coaching is the first running website that has made diversity and community building a high priority. I am very pleased!"
Sheldon W.
Lawrenceville, GA

"As a beginning runner, I am able to use this coaching information to reach success while preventing injury. These resources support my future running & health goals. There's value for anyone at any level!"
Marilyn P.
Marietta, GA

"The content on your site is so real and practical. I am able to apply these tips very quickly."
Akpan S.
London, UK